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About My Practice
Testing, Evaluation and Consultation

What Makes My Practice Different

Testing is my specialty and primary professional activity. Simply put, testing occupies the vast majority of the time I spend working.

I have been using tests clinically for 20 years and have spent the majority of my time as licensed person in private practice conducting assessments.

I have worked in varied settings which has given me first-hand experience with people across the diagnostic spectrum. I have also worked in different regions of the country and with individuals from varied cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic situations.

I am able to bring knowledge of personality and developmental level to all my assessments, whether this is the primary focus or not.

I complete written reports promptly and customarily within 2 weeks. If time is of the essence, make sure to mention this and I will let you know what deadlines I can realistically meet.

I am flexible and interested in working with different kinds of people and different kinds of issues. I am just as glad to perform a comprehensive examination and report as I am a targeted one with verbal feedback.

The recommendations that are made are based on an understanding of the total individual. Recommendations are written to be realistic and feasibly implemented.

When requested, I provide ongoing support and advocacy. This might entail additional meetings to discuss results, the implementation of recommendations or consultation with schools, doctors or other practitioners.

I am a “straight-shooter” and my goal is to provide an honest, understandable and scientifically informed assessment. I hope that the experience will help both the person being tested and their family to understand and cope with problems that led to examination.

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