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Experience, Assessment and Diagnosis


I have spent the last 20 years administering and interpreting tests in clinical, educational and forensic settings. I have been in full-time private practice for most of the past 10 years and the vast majority of my professional time has been spent performing assessments.

I have had the good fortune of excellent supervisors and great training placements and have worked in a variety of setting (e.g., schools, private and state psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, community mental health centers and with both adolescent and adult forensic populations). I have performed thousands of assessments over the past 20 years that literally cover the diagnostic spectrum.

Working in different cities and regions of the country has developed my cultural perspective, as has extensive experience with international students from independent schools.

In my work, I emphasize core commonalities among people while being sensitive to ethnic and cultural factors which shape observable behavior and internal norms.

My theoretical orientation is synthetic and I recognize multiple and interacting bases of outward behavior. These include:

  • biological and developmental factors,
  • psychological factors (e.g., defenses/dynamics and learning/reinforcement histories),
  • interactional patterns, and
  • broader familial, social and cultural influences.

These experiences and the range of settings I have worked have given me a foundation of knowledge, technical skill and critical thought that are essential for making complex differential diagnoses.

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Connecticut 2004-Present
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Member, Society for Personality Assessment
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(1995 – present)
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