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Psychological Evaluation Process

Overview of the Evaluation Process

1) Once someone is referred, the process usually starts with a phone interview to discuss areas of concern and questions about testing.

2) Once a decision has been made to move forward, initial administrative and history forms are forwarded.

3) A meeting is then scheduled with the patient, family or others to learn more about the patient’s history and to discuss the specific questions the evaluation should address.

4) Testing sessions are conducted to administer tests and collect relevant data.

5) Data are scored, interpreted and synthesized with history.

6) Results are usually written-up in a report but can be conveyed just verbally, if preferred. In addition, reports can be a brief summary or detailed accounting depending on what is needed (something I will discuss during initial phone contact and subsequent interviewing).

7) A feedback session is held to review and discuss the findings and recommendations.

8) Additional meetings can be scheduled and meetings/contact with school staff, therapists, psychiatrists are conducted, when requested.

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